Outside ASN: Updates to HIPAA Suggested (HIPAA Journal)

“The American Medical Informatics Association [AMIA] has suggested now is the time to update the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to make sure the legislation fits today’s connected world”.

“The Department of Health and Human Services produced video guides last year to help patients understand their right to access their healthcare data under HIPAA; however, AMIA suggests more should be done to clarify the HIPAA right to access”.

“AMIA also suggest more needs to be done to make it easier not only for patients to access their data, but to pass on the information to other healthcare organizations. ‘HER certification and health care system accreditation should be tied to making it easy for patients not only to obtain their data, but to obtain the data in a manner that preserves ‘computability’ and standardization such that the data can be readily transferred to and consumed by other health IT systems with little or no need for further processing’”.

Read the full article at HIPAA Journal or the journal article via AMIA.


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