ASN Partners with VA Center for Innovation on My Kidney Nutrition App Features Challenge

Around 17% of American adults have chronic kidney diseases (CKD), and the rate of prevalence is higher U.S. Veterans. CKD, if not treated appropriately, can ultimately lead to kidney failure requiring either dialysis or a transplant.

veterans_VACI_logo_full - Copy (2).pngPatients with CKD require complex and unique dietary modifications and currently rely on dietitians that provide Medical Nutritional Therapy and static printed materials. A new mobile app is needed that provides autonomy and personalized features to help patients make informed food choices.

In order to address this need, the American Society of Nephrology has partnered with the VA Center for Innovation to host a public crowd-sourced prize competition in order to develop a new mobile app that will serve as a powerful tool to empower CKD patients to contribute to their own well-being.

The competition is currently seeking the best ideas of app features and gamification elements from the public. We encourage interested individuals to learn more about the My Kidney Nutrition App Features Challenge and how to participate.