All Of Us Research Program Announces Nationwide Tour to Engage Communities and Boost Enrollment

The National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) All of Us Research Program is collecting data from more than one million people to accelerate health research and medical innovation through precision medicine. This historic project aims to generate new knowledge with the goal of developing more effective therapies to treat diseases by leveraging the statistical power of a cohort of this size.

In order to spread awareness and enroll interested individuals to the program, NIH has announced a 37-week national tour called the All of Us Journey. The tour officially kicks off in July 2017 with dates through 2018. This tour will coordinate with local community members to participate in events that will educate the community on the All of Us Research Program and provide individuals the opportunity to have their questions answered and enroll on-site.

While the All of Us Research Program will collect information from individuals with a variety of diseases, the American Society of Nephrology recognizes the value of the opportunity for patients with kidney diseases to participate in this program and encourages health providers to collaborate with the All of Us Journey.  

More information, including how to apply to host the All of Us Journey and where the tour will be traveling, can be found here.