2017 in Review: Top 10 Kidney News Articles

2017 brought another successful year of nephrology coverage by ASN Kidney News and Kidney News Online. The two publications covered a broad spectrum of topics within nephrology including: glomerular disease and pregnancy, transplantation, physician stress and burnout, elder care, and research initiatives.

The following are the 10 most read articles of the last year. The first 5 articles are from ASN Kidney News and the following 5 from Kidney News Online.

ASN Kidney News

1.  General Principles of GFR Interpretation in the Elderly

There is now solid evidence that eGFR is accurate in the elderly and is appropriate to use to detect and stage CKD, to determine the prognosis and complications of CKD, and to determine the dosing of medications.

2.  Glomerular Disease and Pregnancy

Written by Jonathan J. Hogan, MD, and Melissa Rosenstein, MD, the article includes answers to questions including: how does pregnancy affect patients with preexisting proteinuria, how does glomerular disease affect pregnancy outcomes and vice versa, what medications are safe to use for glomerular disease in pregnancy, and more.

3.  Kidney Transplantation 2017: Breaking Down Barriers and Building Bridges

David Serur, MD, Adam Bingaman, MD, PhD, and Barry Smith MD, PhD, examine why kidney transplantation is “not nearly as widely available as it should be” considering it is the optimal management for patients with end stage renal disease.

4.  Detective Nephron

Take a moment for comedic relief with April’s edition of Detective Nephron by Kenar D. Jhaveri, MD, and help solve the case.

5.  Depression and Anxiety in ESRD: A Practical Guide for Nephrologists

How can nephrologists address the psychological concerns of ESRD patients, who face significant morbidity, mortality, and complex treatment decisions?

Kidney News Online

1.  Physician Stress and Burnout

Alan H Rosenstein, MD, MBA, expands upon his lecture during Kidney Week 2017 about the impact of growing stress and burnout on nephrologists and how they might affect physicians’ attitudes and behavior toward patient care.

2.  Obesity and Kidney Disease: Addressing Hyperfiltration Diet and Caloric Restriction

“Public policy efforts to address the obesity epidemic must include the nephrology community because obesity among young adults substantially heightens lifetime risk of ESRD. Strong attention to blood pressure control and dietary factors many help mitigate CKD risk”, states author Holly Kramer, MD, MPH in her November 2017 article for KNO.

3.  VA Center for Innovation Releases Broad Agency Announcement for Funding Pioneering Kidney Projects

The Department of Veterans Affairs Center for Innovation (VACI) released a Broad Agency Announcement to source and fund early stage research, development, prototyping, and piloting of pioneering ideas in the field of kidney research.

4.  House of Representatives Unanimously Passes Bill to Improve Telehealth Services for Home Dialysis Patients

ASN’s Government Affairs Specialist, Zachary Kribs, reported on the passage of a House bill entitled Medicare Part B Improvement Act of 2017 in July. The bill included “important provisions that would expand the use of telehealth to facilitate the use of home dialysis”.

5.  CDC Releases 2017 National CKD Fact Sheet

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) National CKD Fact Sheet was released in June and includes information on: risk factors for developing CKD; symptoms, testing, and treatment; health problems caused and affected by CKD; opportunities to prevent CKD and lower the risk for kidney failure.