STARS Shine at Kidney Week

ASN’s Kidney STARS were in full swing during Kidney Week 2020 Reimagined, where thousands of leading kidney health professionals gathered virtually to share the latest advances in kidney science. Aimed at spurring interest in nephrology careers by targeting medical students, residents, and graduate students interested in nephrology, ASN’s Kidney STARS program offers small group mentoring, complimentary registration to attend the ASN annual meeting at Kidney Week, and a free membership to the society.

“I love ASN Kidney Week for its ability to show me all the different types of approaches clinicians and scientists take to approach research and treatment strategies and am really excited to hear about all the new cutting edge discoveries being made,” said STARS participant Louisa Helms in a community post before the meeting.  

To qualify for Kidney STARS, medical students, residents, and graduate students must demonstrate an interest in nephrology but cannot have committed to applying for a fellowship.

“I am looking forward to attending the geriatric nephrology sessions in Kidney Week to explore and learn about the latest developments in this fast-growing field, which is becoming more important considering our aging population in a global scale,” remarked Henry H.L. Wu, MBChB, another STARS participant. 

During Kidney Week, STARS participants attend poster sessions, “Meet the Expert” panel discussions, and networking opportunities with nephrology leaders. STARS participants are grouped by special interest and paired with mentors who offer guidance during the event. 

Comprised of 212 members, ASN’s 2020 STARS Community generated over 50 posts during the event. In his post, Begin planning for Kidney Week with the Trainee Track, Dr. Steve Sozio, STARS Program co-chair, said: “My favorite thing about Kidney Week is the connections you make with similar like-minded individuals in the field. I still meet up with individuals I met in my own STARS trainee program, even if this was now 15+ years ago.” 

Dr. Sozio also gave a nice summary of some of the sessions on October 23 in his post, STARS Recap Friday—What a Great Day!: “There was definitely information-overload today. Among the smorgasbord of options: the plenary on physician well-being, the session on high-impact clinical trials (some with simultaneous NEJM publication), and afternoon sessions spanning sociocultural humility all the way to SGLT2 inhibitors. What a day! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

ASN is excited to host Kidney STARS virtually once again during Kidney Week 2021. Trainee support applications for Kidney Week 2021 are now open and will close on Monday, August 9, at 2:00 p.m. EDT. Please email with any questions.