Statement from ASN President Rosenberg on new Advancing American Kidney Health Initiative announced today

ASN.jpg Statement of Mark E. Rosenberg, MD, FASN

ASN President

On the Advancing American Kidney Health Initiative


"The American Society of Nephrology (ASN) applauds the bold vision unveiled today by President Donald J. Trump and by Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar, II, in the Advancing American Kidney Health initiative.  Before an audience of more than 500 individuals with kidney diseases, nephrologists, and other kidney community advocates, President Trump signed an Executive Order launching the initiative.

For people with kidney diseases across America, today’s executive order represented a game changer.  For the president and the entire federal government to show this kind of interest in individuals with kidney diseases – particularly kidney failure – is completely unprecedented. 

I was honored to witness the president sign an executive order that recognizes the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases, the need to provide individuals with more choices when kidney failure does occur, and the urgent need to increase the supply of organs for kidney transplantation.  The combination of these truly important goals signals to the kidney community that this administration is serious about changing the dynamics inherent currently in kidney care. 

Taken in whole, the cross-cutting vision for kidney care articulated today marks one of the biggest policy transformations for advancing kidney health since the Medicare ESRD benefit was implemented in 1973, 46 years ago this month."

For more information on the Advancing American Kidney Health Initiative, please see articles from the Washington Post , Politico , the National Kidney Foundation , and watch the full event on YouTube .