HHS and ASN Announce Members of Newly Formed KidneyX Innovation Accelerator Steering Committee


The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of the Chief Technology Officer and ASN announced a diverse group of experts for the new KidneyX Innovation Accelerator steering committee, which will play a critical role in recommending a five-year strategic plan for the initiative, as well as providing guidance for all KidneyX activities and outreach. This work includes recommendations for prioritizing the areas of greatest unmet scientific need and fundraising to support future KidneyX prize competitions.

“We have assembled a dream team of visionary healthcare, policy, technology, and therapeutic leaders to shape the future of this bold initiative,” said John R. Sedor, MD, FASN, Chair of the KidneyX Steering Committee. “I look forward to working with this remarkable group to realize the full potential of KidneyX to disrupt kidney care as we know it and create a pathway for innovation that addresses the unmet needs of kidney patients, their caregivers and their families.”

For the full list of committee members, please see the recent press release .

The goal of KidneyX is to provide at least $250 million in funding to spur innovation in product development for kidney patients, supported through government appropriations and contributions from the private sector—led by ASN’s $25 million initial commitment.  This infusion of non-dilutive funding, alongside initiatives to fast track the commercialization of new technologies and therapies for kidney care, will make the kidney space an attractive market for additional private investment and innovation.

“Kidney diseases are a global public health crisis with vast consequences for America’s healthcare system,” said Edwin J. Simcox, HHS Chief Technology Officer. “President Trump’s Executive Order to advance kidney care for all Americans underscores the importance of this effort and the commitment of HHS and our agencies to the success of KidneyX.”

Earlier this year, KidneyX announced 15 winners of its first prize competition, Redesign Dialysis, which asked innovators to accelerate the development and commercialization of next-generation dialysis products.

The next phase of Redesign Dialysis launches during ASN Kidney Week 2019 (November 5-10) and will award up to three winners $500,000 each to build and test prototype solutions, or components of solutions, that can replicate normal kidney functions or improve dialysis access.

KidneyX also recently launched the Patient Innovator Challenge prize competition, with the National Kidney Foundation, to improve therapeutic options and quality of life by tapping ideas and alternative solutions that people living with kidney diseases have developed through their own everyday experiences and ingenuity.