ASN Discusses Future of ESRD Bundle with Medicare Leaders

Last week, ASN joined other kidney community stakeholders to meet with leadership at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in Baltimore, MD, to discuss the future of the ESRD Prospective Payment System—more commonly known as “the bundle”—that provides reimbursement for dialysis care.  Together with representatives from kidney patient organizations, dialysis organizations, and device manufacturers, ASN discussed with CMS the need for a mechanism to add new products to the bundle.

In recent years, at the behest of Congress, CMS added a mechanism to add new drugs; however, no such mechanism exists to add new devices to the bundle. ASN and other stakeholders are concerned that without a clarified pathway to obtain payment for new devices, industry will perceive the ESRD space as too risky an area to support product development which could therefore stifle the advancement of new products to patients.

ASN is committed to continuing to advocate in partnership with other stakeholders for the development of a way to add new devices to the bundle through all appropriate channels in and around Washington, DC.