Cricket Health and American Kidney Fund to Deliver Education, Support

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A new program sponsored by a company that develops technology-based solutions for chronic kidney disease (CKD) will give 100 patients access to new formats for care and education.

Cricket Health, based in San Francisco, along with support from the American Kidney Fund, says it will enroll patients through mid-August into the pilot program. The patients and those close to them can connect with multi-channel educational content, virtual healthcare opportunities, and an online community of peers. The partners have designed the program so that CKD patients may better understand their treatment options and plan ahead to ensure an orderly transition to advanced care, for those who progress to end-stage renal disease.

“The lack of timely and comprehensive CKD education represents an enormous missed opportunity to increase rates of home dialysis therapies and kidney transplantation among eligible patients,” said Vince Kim, co-founder of Cricket Health. “We are excited to work with a leading advocate like the American Kidney Fund to enhance the quality of life for these patients and demonstrate a better way to provide patients the tools and resources necessary to make enduring decisions about the care and management of their disease.”

Cricket Health intends to roll the program out to more patients in the future, based on results of this pilot program, the company announced. The program, called Health Options Patient Education (HOPE), lets patients share information with their caregivers, families, and friends. Multi-channel content—such as video, chat, and written information—accounts for differing styles of learning.

Cricket Health states its goal is to reduce the clinical, psychosocial and economic burdens associated with chronic kidney disease. Cricket Health was co-founded in 2015 by CEO Arvind Rajan, a former senior executive at LinkedIn, and Kim, a former general partner at Aberdare Ventures, a healthcare technology venture capital firm.