A Decade of NephMadness: The 2022 Tournament Explained

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It's March, spring is in the air, and periodic bracket fever has caught up with the nephrology community for the 10th year in a row! What is NephMadness, you may ask? NephMadness is a medical education event held in your practice, your division, and on social media to celebrate all things kidney.

NephMadness is a single-elimination tournament consisting of 32 nephrology concepts, divided into 8 regions, representing the most exciting topics in nephrology. The purpose of the game is to discuss and debate each of these concepts during the month of March. Throw a NephMadness party for your group, and learn in a fun and inspired way. We even have a PowerPoint presentation pre-made! Go on social media using the hashtag #NephMadness to engage with the online nephrology community.

Fill out your brackets (individually or as a team), and see if your picks match the 10th anniversary blue ribbon panel. Winners of each matchup will be determined by a 21-member panel of honorable judges—the blue ribbon panel—who have served in this capacity sometime over the past 10 years. The six rounds of voting will culminate in the crowning of the NephMadness champion. The real winners, however, are the thousands of NephMadness fans who get to read and learn some of the finest nephrology educational content of the year, while networking with colleagues on social media and in their own institutions. You can even get CME/MOC credit! NephMadness bracket submissions are open from March 1 through March 31, 2022.

This year's regions are Lupus Nephritis, Animal House 3 (back by popular demand), Hemodialysis, Inequities (this work is never finished), Parasites, Cardiorenal, Neonatal, and Nephropathology (Figure 1).

Figure 1
Figure 1

2022 NephMadness Tournament

Citation: Kidney News 14, 3

NephMadness began in 2013 as a way to harness the passion of March Madness, “one of the biggest, most exciting and fun events of all of sports” (1), and apply it to our beloved field of nephrology. Since then, gamification of medical education has begun in earnest. In the past 10 years, the executive team has grown to include Anna Burgner, Timothy Yau, Samira Farouk, Pascale Khairallah, and Anna Vinnikova, with each person bringing his or her unique expertise to the game.

Don't forget that players with the highest scores, the best NephMadness parties, and much more will win NephMadness swag, awarded by the American Journal of Kidney Diseases and the National Kidney Foundation.



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