Study Targets Identified in Genome Study Will Be Lecture Subject

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Rasheed A. Gbadegesin, MD, MBBS

Citation: Kidney News 11, 10/11

Rasheed A. Gbadegesin, MD, MBBS, will discuss “Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS)–Derived Targets for Glomerular Diseases” in the Michelle P. Winn, MD, Endowed Lectureship on Friday, Nov. 8.

Dr. Gbadegesin is a professor of pediatrics in the division of nephrology at Duke University and an investigator at the Duke Molecular Physiology Institute in Durham, N.C. The lectureship’s namesake, Dr. Michelle Winn, recruited Dr. Gbadegesin to Duke University and played a vital role as his main mentor until her death in 2014.

Dr. Gbadegesin’s research is aimed at understanding the genetic basis, pathogenesis, and determinants of variable responses to therapy in hereditary and idiopathic nephrotic syndrome. In the past 10 years, his team has identified at least five novel genetic causes of steroid-resistant focal segmental glomerulosclerosis and other kidney diseases. Recently, using the strategy of extreme phenotyping, his group identified the first exome-wide locus for childhood onset steroid-sensitive nephrotic syndrome. In collaboration with other investigators around the world, he has since validated this locus in other populations and identified additional loci.

He has established a large biorepository of phenotype data and biosamples from children with nephrotic syndrome. He is collaborating with other investigators to determine the biologic basis for ethnic disparities in the incidence and severity of nephrotic syndrome with the goal of developing strategies for personalized treatment.

Dr. Gbadegesin has presented his research at both international and national meetings and published almost 100 peer-reviewed journal articles, five textbook chapters, and 60 abstracts. He is the principal investigator on multiple National Institutes of Health, foundation, and industry grants. He was elected into the American Society for Clinical Investigation in 2016.

He served on the ASN glomerular disease subcommittee and is a council member of the American Society of Pediatric Nephrology. He is on the editorial board of JASN and associate editor of Frontiers in Pediatrics (Nephrology).

Dr. Gbadegesin received his MBBS degree from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria followed by a residency in pediatrics at the University College Hospital in Ibadan. He received his MD from the University of Manchester and Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital in the U.K. He completed another residency in pediatrics at Brooklyn Hospital in New York City and became board certified in pediatric nephrology while at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

He joined the faculty at Duke in 2007, where he also serves as co-director of the clinical and translational science awards KL2 program, program director of the pediatric research scholar program, and associate program director of the pediatric nephrology fellowship program.