Communities Weekly Rewind: Liver transplant alone vs. simultaneous liver-kidney transplant

Should this patient receive a liver transplant alone (LTA) or simultaneous liver and kidney transplant (SLK).

BMJ: Archive of Research Methods & Reporting notes

The BMJ compiled an archive on their website entitled “Statistics notes”. The archive includes numerous notes and articles that examine different research methods and statistical reporting, which are useful resources for anyone conducting their own research.

Study reveals US transplant recipient health outcomes advantage drops after first year

“While kidney transplant recipients in the United States initially have better outcomes compared to patients in other countries, registry data show that advantage disappears after the first year, according to a study published in the American Journal of Transplantation".

How to Design an Award-Winning Conference Poster

In this humorous piece by Dr. Tullio Rossi, How to Design an Award-Winning Conference Poster, a conference poster is described as being two things simultaneously: a networking tool and a communication tool.

The poster should attract people’s attention and serve as a conversation starter. It should also be accessible and drive attention to your research. “A scientific poster is simply a visual abstract”.

Communities Weekly Rewind: Normal Saline vs. Balanced Solution

This Communities discussion compared the results of two randomized clinical trials (SMART and SALT-ed) reported on in the New England Journal of Medicine that compared the effects of normal saline and a “balanced solution” in preventing AKI. Isotonic saline (0.9% NS) is the main crystalloid solution used for resuscitation of hypovolemic critically or non-critically ill patients.

CVS Health announces a new initiative focused on kidney care and home dialysis treatment

On April 4th, 2018, CVS Health “announced a new initiative focused on chronic kidney disease and dialysis, which builds upon the company's focus on driving innovation in the management of chronic disease to help improve patient health outcomes while managing costs. This new program will focus on early identification of kidney disease and expansion of home dialysis in order to optimize care for patients with chronic kidney disease. CVS Health's unique enterprise assets along with the company's introduction of a truly innovative new home hemodialysis technology, position the company as a positive disruptor in the field with the ability to help reshape and redefine the kidney care space.

Coming soon: Effective Patient Engagement Strategies to Develop Therapies and Advance Patient Safety

In the upcoming April issue of Kidney News, Kevin Fowler’s new article “Effective Patient Engagement Strategies to Develop Therapies and Advance Patient Safety” will be available.

The article explores the barriers and patient perspectives on kidney disease clinical trials and Fowler investigates how best to approach getting patients to participate in beneficial clinical trials. He developed a survey with the intention to determine why patients participated in kidney disease trials and to also learn why they did not participate.

Some of his findings include:

Which statistical tests should I use?

In a piece published by Evidence-Based Nursing, Allison Shorten and Brett Shorten describe different research scenarios and detail which statistical tests may be the most appropriate for the researchers to utilize.

Experts raise alarm over rising cases of kidney diseases in pregnant women

Even the Nigeria Association of Nephrology warns of a looming epidemic of kidney disease in the country, and has urged the Federal Government to prioritise treatment of kidney disorders.

Communities Weekly Rewind: Are We Underutilizing Hepatitis-C Donor Kidneys?

Primary Query

Can we safely utilize hepatitis C Virus seropositive non viremic donor kidneys (HCV Ab positive/NAT negative) for hepatitis C Virus non viremic recipients?