Public Policy

ASN strives to advance equity within kidney health care and among kidney health professionals. The society is working to dismantle systemic racial and socioeconomic barriers. ASN has urged Congress to pass legislation supporting health equity and accountability to address disparities in health care. The society also asked Congress to consider other measures to address social determinants of health, in particular social determinates that disproportionately lead to the development of kidney diseases. 

Overall, 16.5 percent of Black Americans and 15.3 percent of Mexican Americans have kidney disease, compared to 13 percent of White Americans. Gaps in kidney failure rates are even more apparent. Compared to White Americans, kidney failure is 3.5 times more prevalent in Black Americans and 1.5 times greater in Hispanic Americans.

The following articles relate to initiatives and activities that align with ASN’s efforts to identify, prioritize, and advocate for policies that promote the highest quality patient care, increased funding for research, and a commitment to medical education funding for kidney diseases on the federal legislative, regulatory, and profession-sanctioned levels.