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ASN Staff

“The 2018 MACRA proposed rule was the first draft with Price’s involvement after he emphasized that he wanted to reduce reporting burdens and allow clinicians to focus on patient care. His rhetoric proved true as the proposed rule excluded more clinicians from having to participate while also making it easier to avoid a penalty.

Now that he is gone, what will happen to the final rule that is set to be released in November 2017?

ASN Staff

Innovations Handout 6x9_Page_1.png Innovations Handout 6x9_Page_2.png

Full contest guidelines and eligibility requirements are now available at

ASN Staff

An article from HHS outlines how to avoid grant scams and what to do if you think you have been a victim of a scam.

Please read the full article for additional information.

ASN Staff

“The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights has recently issued a reminder to covered entities and business associates of the potential risks associated with file sharing and collaboration tools, explaining the risks these services can introduce and how covered entities can use these services and remain in compliance with HIPAA Rules”.

They understand that file sharing tools and cloud computing services incorporate protections to ensure data is secured, but human error has led to misconfigurations in the past which have caused data breaches.

ASN Staff

“The Department of Health and Human Services is running a HIPAA Administrative Simplification Optimization Project Pilot and is currently seeking volunteers to have compliance reviews. The aim of the pilot is to streamline HIPAA compliance reviews for health plans and healthcare clearinghouses.

Currently, a variety of different data formats are used for conducting electronic transitions. That variety can cause problems when transferring and sharing data. If communications about billing and insurance related matters are streamlined and healthcare organizations comply with the HIPAA Administrative Simplification transaction standards, providers and health plans can devote fewer resources to these tasks. Compliance with the Administrative Simplification transaction standards will also reduce the burden on compliant entities having to exchange healthcare data with trading partners that are not compliant.

ASN Staff

In this humorous piece by Dr. Tullio Rossi, How to Design an Award-Winning Conference Poster, a conference poster is described as being two things simultaneously: a networking tool and a communication tool.

The poster should attract people’s attention and serve as a conversation starter. It should also be accessible and drive attention to your research. “A scientific poster is simply a visual abstract”.

ASN Staff

During the first plenary session of Kidney Week 2017, ASN President Eleanor Lederer, MD, FASN urged attendees to get involved through several available avenues with the American Society of Nephrology after hearing from members who are interested in becoming involved, but are not sure where to start. She displayed a slide depicting options for all members, which can be seen below.

The idea is that not all members can or should be council members or committee chairs, but there are many other options through which members can contribute to the society and peers.

ASN Staff

The first plenary session of Kidney Week 2017 took off on Thursday morning with an address from ASN President Dr. Eleanor Lederer.

She began by thanking her family, colleagues, trainees, and mentors who helped her throughout her career.

Dr. Lederer focused quickly on dispelling the idea that nephrology is in crisis. Though some training program spots are going unfilled, and some researchers are leaving nephrology for other studies, nephrology has advanced incredibly in the last 35 years. She displayed a slide highlighting an array of new discoveries in the last 35 years: new signaling pathways, new targets, new transporters, and new therapies.

ASN Staff

A peer-reviewed study from Taiwan released in the Public Library of Science (PLOS), concluded that “rosacea is an independent risk factor for CKD. High rosacea severity and old age further increased CKD risk in patients with rosacea. Careful monitoring for CKD development should be included as part of integrated care for patients with rosacea”. The open access study can be found on the PLOS website , where you can find the full study including materials and methodology, results, discussion, and relevant figures.