Data Visualizations: Considering color choices

Lisa Charlotte Rost delves into what you should consider when choosing colors for data visualization. With the powerful potential of visualizations in relaying conclusions within a short burst of attention, color choices can make or break their effectiveness.

A Call for Kidney Week Abstract Submissions

Only two weeks left to submit your research or clinical case report for the 2018 Kidney Week, the largest nephrology meeting in the world.

Submission will be accepted through 2:00 PM EDT on May 31.

Don't miss this valuable opportunity to present to nephrologists and thought leaders in the field from around the globe.

Please submit your abstract here for consideration today!

Catalog of Biases in health studies

The culmination of collaborative work between the Centre of Evidence-Based Medicine and the University of Oxford, the website, Catalogue of Biases, is a complete database of possible biases that inadvertently make their way into scientific research.

Donald W. Seldin, who built UT Southwestern into a medical powerhouse, dies at 97

His innovations included an approach to medicine that placed an equal emphasis on medical research, teaching and the treatment of patients — a tripartite method that “wasn’t obvious to a lot of people at the time,” Braunwald said.

How to Design an Award-Winning Conference Poster

In this humorous piece by Dr. Tullio Rossi, How to Design an Award-Winning Conference Poster, a conference poster is described as being two things simultaneously: a networking tool and a communication tool.

The poster should attract people’s attention and serve as a conversation starter. It should also be accessible and drive attention to your research. “A scientific poster is simply a visual abstract”.

CVS Health announces a new initiative focused on kidney care and home dialysis treatment

On April 4th, 2018, CVS Health “announced a new initiative focused on chronic kidney disease and dialysis, which builds upon the company's focus on driving innovation in the management of chronic disease to help improve patient health outcomes while managing costs. This new program will focus on early identification of kidney disease and expansion of home dialysis in order to optimize care for patients with chronic kidney disease. CVS Health's unique enterprise assets along with the company's introduction of a truly innovative new home hemodialysis technology, position the company as a positive disruptor in the field with the ability to help reshape and redefine the kidney care space.

Which statistical tests should I use?

In a piece published by Evidence-Based Nursing, Allison Shorten and Brett Shorten describe different research scenarios and detail which statistical tests may be the most appropriate for the researchers to utilize.

New NephSAP Issue - "Hypertension"

NephSAP Volume 17, Number 1, March 2018

Find the full issue here.

NY Times: Diabetes in Pregnancy Raises Risk of Heart Disease

The women who had gestational diabetes were 20 times as likely as controls to develop Type 2 diabetes, consistent with previous studies, and the risk was highest in the first year after giving birth. In addition, these women were 2.8 times as likely to have heart disease, and nearly twice as likely to develop high blood pressure. The researchers controlled for age, body mass index, ethnicity, smoking and other variables.

PLOS Blogs: 6 tips for deciphering outcomes in health studies

As studies published become more convoluted with jargon and specific measurement techniques that can be confusing and/or misleading, it’s important to be able to get down to the measured outcomes quickly and with clarity.