New NephSAP Issue - "Interventional Nephrology and Dialysis Access"

NephSAP Volume 17, Number 2, June 2018

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Interventional Nephrology and Dialysis Access

Communities Weekly Rewind: ABO incompatible kidney transplant; role and significance of IgM antibody titers

Is it safe to proceed with this transplant without lowering the anti-B IgM titers?  Is this risking early post-transplant antibody mediated rejection?

Communities Weekly Rewind: Bilateral Renal Infarctions

How does a relatively young healthy person suddenly develop bilateral renal infarcts?

Communities Weekly Rewind: Burnout in Nephrology

Burnout.  This topic evokes such a varied range of emotions and opinions from doctors in many fields.  It is a condition that is inherently understood though it presents in multiple ways.  At its core it signifies loss.  It could be a loss of energy, of compassion, of hope or any number of things we hold valuable and important in our lives, both personal and professional.

Nephrology facing workforce shortage issue

“Amidst the rising tide of [chronic kidney disease] CKD, the global nephrology workforce has shrunk and is failing to meet the growing health care needs of this vulnerable patient population,” Muhammad U. Sharif, Mohamed E. Elsayed, and Austin G. Stack, wrote in Clinical Kidney Journal.

Communities Weekly Rewind: IgG1-lambda mesangial proliferative GN

PGNMID is an uncommon diagnosis, and without any evidence of a circulating paraprotein or cell clonality in the bone marrow, what is the pathophysiology of this lesion and how do we go about treating it?

Communities Weekly Rewind: Hope and Innovation in Nephrology

Months of efforts by ASN staff culminated on April 26, 2018, when ASN signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Health and Human Services to establish the Kidney Innovation Accelerator, KidneyX.

Communities Weekly Rewind: Liver transplant alone vs. simultaneous liver-kidney transplant

Should this patient receive a liver transplant alone (LTA) or simultaneous liver and kidney transplant (SLK).

BMJ: Archive of Research Methods & Reporting notes

The BMJ compiled an archive on their website entitled “Statistics notes”. The archive includes numerous notes and articles that examine different research methods and statistical reporting, which are useful resources for anyone conducting their own research.

Communities Weekly Rewind: Normal Saline vs. Balanced Solution

This Communities discussion compared the results of two randomized clinical trials (SMART and SALT-ed) reported on in the New England Journal of Medicine that compared the effects of normal saline and a “balanced solution” in preventing AKI. Isotonic saline (0.9% NS) is the main crystalloid solution used for resuscitation of hypovolemic critically or non-critically ill patients.