Policy and Advocacy

ASN is working to build alliances and promote policy changes that elevate kidney health, innovation, and education. The effort aims to amplify the voice of people with kidney diseases, kidney failure, and kidney transplants as well as kidney health professionals.


Current Initiatives Improving patient care, enhancing structural capacities, and addressing health disparities and social determinants of health. READ MORE
Home Dialysis Increasing access to home dialysis machines and expanding financial support for care partners supporting patients on home dialysis. READ MORE
Health Equity Promoting equity within kidney health care and among kidney health professionals; working to dismantle systemic racial and socioeconomic barriers. READ MORE
Transplant Advocating for quality pre-transplant, transplant, and post-transplant care, including lifetime immunosuppressive drug coverage. READ MORE
Care & Reimbursement Advancing various patient care and telehealth measures, including temporary payment parity for telephone visits and the provision of tool kits. READ MORE
Research & Funding Supporting projects that improve clinical outcomes, result in new therapies and tools, and establish a culture of research readiness. READ MORE