Excellence in Patient Care

Recognizing best practices in clinical care, dialysis safety, and disease prevention, ASN understands the patient perspective and aims to strengthen the relationship between patients and health professionals.


Clinical Care Addressing patient needs through enhanced structural capacities, cooperation, and responsiveness across the clinical care team. READ MORE
Dialysis Safety Keeping people safe through proper hygiene measures, injection practices, catheter care, and disinfection protocols. READ MORE
Patient Voices Featuring unique perspectives and experiences of kidney patients and ideas to improve relationships with health professionals. READ MORE
Prevention Promoting wellness and kidney disease prevention through good habits such as a healthy diet and regular exercise.  READ MORE
Best Practices Advancing guidance and lessons learned about dialysis, CKD, AKI, and transplantation to help kidney patients. READ MORE
Future Needs Increasing clinical trials for people with kidney diseases, stockpiles of PPE and testing kits, and funding for innovation and education.  READ MORE