William E. Mitch to Receive John P. Peters Award at Thursday Plenary Session

Wsilliam E. Mitch


The American Society of Nephrology announces William E. Mitch, MD, as this year’s recipient of the John P. Peters Award. The award recognizes Dr. Mitch’s outstanding contributions to improving the lives of patients with kidney disease and to furthering the understanding of the kidney in health and disease.

Established in 1983, the Peters award honors individuals who have made substantial research contributions to the discipline of nephrology and have sustained achievements in one or more areas of academic medicine, including clinical care, education, and leadership.

For four decades Dr. Mitch has improved the lives of patients with renal disease—as a practicing physician, a medical researcher, and a medical school professor. He is widely recognized as an expert in the care of patients with hypertension and chronic kidney disease, with a particular focus on nutrition and diet. Among an extensive list of professional publication credits, Dr. Mitch is an editor of “The Handbook of Nutrition and the Kidney,” a publication—now in its sixth edition—that guides physicians and nutritionists in applying dietary approaches to treat patients with kidney stones and hypertension.

Dr. Mitch’s research identified how breakdown of muscle protein, or muscle wasting, is accelerated by chronic kidney disease and can be linked specifically to complications of kidney disease, such as metabolic acidosis, high levels of angiotensin II, and impaired signaling through the insulin/GF-1 pathway. His current research focus includes developing ways to block such pathways to correct the loss of muscle protein. His work has already helped in the development of a method for assessing muscle protein metabolism.

Dr. Mitch has earned numerous awards and accolades. Featured in several patient guides to top physicians, he was named one of “The Best Doctors in America” by American Health Magazine. He also received the National Torchbearer Award from the American Kidney Fund, which recognizes extensive work in nephrology and its impact on kidney patients’ quality of life.

A graduate of Harvard University Medical School, Dr. Mitch practices in the Houston area and is the Gordon A. Cain Professor of Medicine and Chief of Nephrology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

Dr. Mitch will receive the John P. Peters Award at Thursday morning’s plenary session, which begins at 8 a.m.

John P. Peters


John P. Peters, MD, was one of the fathers of nephrology and former chief of the Metabolic Division in the Department of Medicine at Yale University. He transformed clinical chemistry from a discipline of qualitative impressions to one in which precise quantitative measurements of body fluids comprise a vital part of the patient examination and provide great explanatory value.

He advanced the view that disease is a quantitative abnormality of normal physiological processes and that, by understanding disease, one could gain a deeper understanding of normal physiology. His enduring scientific contributions paralleled his intense commitment to the care of the sick, as well as his fervent mission to ensure that the physician be an advocate for the patient.