Wsilliam E. Mitch


The American Society of Nephrology announces William E. Mitch, MD, as this year’s recipient of the John P. Peters Award. The award recognizes Dr. Mitch’s outstanding contributions to improving the lives of patients with kidney disease and to furthering the understanding of the kidney in health and disease.

Bernard Lo


Bernard Lo, MD, will present the 8th Christopher R. Blagg Endowed Lecture on “How to Identify and Manage Conflicts,” during the Public Policy Forum, “Conflicts of Interest in Medicine.” The forum will be held from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 29.

Matthias Kretzler


The American Society of Nephrology is delighted to present this year’s Young Investigator Award to Matthias Kretzler, MD, whose work to define the molecular mechanisms of kidney disease is helping to identify better ways to predict and treat it.

Bruce Beutler


The ASN welcomes Bruce Beutler, MD, as he presents a state-of-the-art lecture, “Genetic Insights into the Innate Immune System,” during the Saturday, October 31, plenary session, which begins at 8 a.m. Dr. Beutler is professor and chair of the department of genetics at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, Calif.

René Jan Maria Bindels


René Jan Maria Bindels, PhD, a physiology professor and researcher studying renal transport systems, is this year’s recipient of the Homer W. Smith Award. With this award, the American Society of Nephrology recognizes those who have made outstanding contributions to understanding how kidneys function in normal and diseased states.

More than a decade ago, ASN recognized the importance of helping early-career faculty gain independent funding and initiated a grants program to help them transition from mentored trainee to independent investigator.

In 2009, the career development grants program for young investigators supported 16 renal researchers. The growth of this program reflects ASN’s commitment to helping young faculty develop promising research initiatives and share their findings with their colleagues.

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L. Darryl Quarles


L Darryl Quarles, MD, will present the 6th Annual Jack W. Coburn Endowed Lecture on “FGF23 and its Receptors: Lessons from Studies in Mice.” He will give the lecture during the Basic and Clinical Science Symposium “CKD-MBD and Outcomes,” held Saturday, October 31, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Oliver Smithies


The ASN welcomes Oliver Smithies, PhD, as he presents the Barry M. Brenner Endowed Lecture on “Gel Permeation in the Kidney” during Saturday’s Meeting-Within-a-Meeting on “Novel Insights of Glomerular Function and Structure (Controversies).” The session will be held from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Tony Pawson


The ASN invites Tony Pawson, PhD, to present a state-of-the-art lecture on “Signal Transduction Mechanisms in the Kidney” during the plenary session on Sunday, November 1, from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m.

Burton D. Rose


In recognition of his work as a teacher, textbook author, and creator of UpToDate, a respected online educational resource for physicians, the American Society of Nephrology has selected Burton D. Rose, MD, to receive the 2009 Robert G. Narins Award. The award honors those who have made substantial contributions to education and teaching.

Barry M. Brenner


Barry M. Brenner, MD, will receive the Robert G. Narins Award on Friday, November 19.

Dr. Brenner is director emeritus of the renal division of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Samuel A. Levine Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School in Boston.

The award honors those who have made substantial contributions to education and teaching.