Help Avert Cuts to Medical Research: Join ASN in Calling for a Balanced Approach to Deficit Reduction

ASN needs your support to protect medical research funding. It’s one of the smartest investments our country can make.

Research generates jobs, stimulates the economy, and enables life-saving medical advances. If Congress doesn’t act by January 2013, federal funding for the National Institutes of Health will be cut by 8.2 percent, eliminating up to 2300 NIH research grants.

We can’t let these cuts happen. ASN has joined more than 3000 other organizations urging Congress to adopt a balanced approach to deficit reduction that would protect medical research and other essential federal programs like education, public safety, and infrastructure.

The society needs your help, too.

Tell your Congressional representatives that cuts alone will not solve our federal budget problems.

Go to for all the tools to connect you with your members of Congress, including talking points and fact sheets.

Congress won’t act unless they hear from constituents like you.

I’m going to meet with my representatives. I urge you to join me.


[1] Thomas H. Hostetter, MD, is Chair of the ASN Public Policy Board.