A New Team at JASN

I am privileged to serve as the new Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN), and I am delighted to introduce our new team. Thanks to the leadership of Dr. Eric Neilson and his team, and prior leadership, JASN holds a premier position among kidney journals, dedicating itself to both the scientific and clinical communities by publishing the very best work in relevant fields. JASN will maintain this important commitment and publish cutting-edge scientific studies and the best in translational studies, epidemiology, clinical trials and research, renal therapies, and renal transplantation. In addition, JASN will be a vibrant voice for issues that are of broad and timely interest to the nephrology community in these challenging times.

The new team at JASN: Standing left to right are Fernando Fervenza, MD, PhD; Matthew Griffin, MBChB; Keith Norris, MD; Robert Gaston, MD; Ariel Gomez, MD; Agnes Fogo, MD; Alfred Cheung, MD. Sitting from left to right are David Salant, MD; Anupam Agarwal, MD; Karl A. Nath, MBChB; Bonnie O’Brien; Phylllis August, MD, MPH; and Peter Harris, PhD.


To fulfill this mission, a roster of distinguished individuals with expertise encompassing these areas has been assembled, with Dr. Anupam Agarwal serving as Deputy Editor (University of Alabama at Birmingham; AKI, molecular biology, mutant mouse models). Associate editors are listed in Table 1.


JASN is most fortunate to have as its Managing Editor, Ms. Bonnie O’Brien, who has served this role with every distinction from the very first issue of the journal, which was published in July 1990.

Special appreciation and thanks go to Dr. Eric Neilson and Dr. Gary Curhan, Editor-in-Chief of CJASN, for quite helpful discussions, particularly during this transition period, and to Ms. Adrienne Lea, ASN Director of Communications, and Dr. Sharon Moe, President-Elect, ASN, and former Chair of the ASN Communications Committee, for their continued support and input.

The mission of the ASN is to “lead the fight against kidney disease.” JASN actively participates in this mission by publishing new, important, and influential literature pertaining to the science and practice of nephrology, and by engaging the nephrology community in dialog. The new team at JASN is honored to serve this journal and this community, and warmly welcomes feedback so that this remarkable journal can best serve our discipline, our community, and, ultimately, the welfare of patients with kidney disease.