Water And Filter Experts Team Up

Two companies involved in water filtration and purification inked a non-exclusive agreement in March to distribute dialysis filters to U.S. and Canadian dialysis clinics.

The companies, Nephros and Mar Cor Purification, will distribute Nephros’ ultrafilters.

Mar Cor President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Curtis Weitnauer noted, “We are very excited about incorporating the Nephros ultrafiltration family of products for hemodialysis water and bicarbonate concentrate into our product portfolio for dialysis customers. Their unique hollow fiber filter offers unparalleled filtration, flow performance, patient health and economic benefits to complement our array of portable and central delivery water purification systems in dialysis.”

Nephros President and CEO John Houghton said, “We are extremely pleased to be working with Mar Cor Purification. Combining their proven distribution capabilities and installation base with their field specialists and service provider locations will provide Nephros products the necessary visibility and customer contact required for growth in dialysis and potentially other markets.” Nephros provides filters for both water and blood filtration during dialysis, as well as water filters for hospitals to use for drinking and washing, and for military usage for clean drinking water when soldiers are in the field.

In late March, Nephros reported that its total water filter sales had increased by 23 percent, from $1,005,000 in 2012 to $1,240,000 in 2013. Nonetheless, total revenues for the year 2013 dipped to $1,740,000 when compared to revenues of $1,807,000 for 2012.

“We have continued to show growth with our water filtration business; however, this was offset by the unanticipated voluntary product recall in the fourth quarter of 2013,” said Houghton. “In 2014 we intend to continue to focus our efforts on expanding the availability of our water filtration products by enhancing our relationships with key distributors. In addition, we also expect to commence commercialization of our online mid-dilution hemodiafiltration system in the second quarter of 2014.”

Nephros’ key business segments, dialysis water and hospital water system sales, grew by approximately 66 percent and 25 percent, respectively, Nephros noted. These increases were partially offset by a sharp reduction in military water sales of approximately 83 percent.