Turnabout Is Fair Play

DaVita, the second largest provider of dialysis services in North America, is acquiring its first operations in Europe—in Germany.

What makes the deal particularly interesting is that Germany is the headquarters of the largest provider of dialysis services and products worldwide. Fresenius Medical Care is based in Bad Homburg, Germany. Fresenius North America is well established, but DaVita is just starting to get its feet wet across the oceans.

DaVita already has expanded into Asia, providing dialysis services in Singapore and in Bangalore, India, and has an agreement to develop and operate dialysis clinics in Malaysia, according to the company web site.

“The time is right for DaVita to extend to Europe and Asia,” said DaVita chairman and CEO Kent Thiry. “Our patient-centric care model is being well received on both continents.”

Denver-based DaVita is taking it slowly. The Denver Post reports that Thiry is cautiously optimistic—and candid—about the new expansion plans. “If I was smarter, we would have started this several years ago,” Thiry said. “Over the next 10 years, we intend to deliberately and thoroughly create a material global presence. … We’ll make some mistakes, since we’re new at it.”