New Personal Dialyzer on Horizon

Outset Medical (San Jose, CA) has eclipsed an initial funding level of $9.5 million thanks to Warburg Pincus, a private equity investment firm. Warburg Pincus reported recently that it had invested $60 million in the company.

Outset has plans for a user-friendly at-home dialysis machine that uses a home’s water supply and purifies it for dialysis-level usage. The device also generates dialysate on demand. Warburg was a leading venture investor of the company in 2010. The investment firm noted online that the new device’s simplicity lets patients “manage treatments independently whether in clinic or at home.”

The machine, called Tablo, makes dialysate continuously using regular tap water. “Tablo …makes clean water, produces dialysate, takes blood pressure and delivers medication all in a compact table-height package according to the company’s website.

Outset is also appealing to consumers through an online marketing campaign.