In Bleak Year, Fresenius Revenues Up

During the first three quarters of 2008, Fresenius Medical Care, a renal services company, had a strong showing in its international markets and in the United States. Chief Executive Officer Ben Lipps gave an optimistic assessment for the company in the near future: “Despite cost pressures, an uncertain economic environment, and volatile currency developments, we are confident of achieving our midterm financial targets for 2010.”

As of late 2008, Bad Homburg, Germany-based Fresenius Medical Care had treated 181,937 patients worldwide, mostly in Fresenius-owned clinics, a 6 percent increase compared with a similar period in 2007. The North American market provided dialysis treatments for 125,356 patients, an increase of 4 percent. Including 34 clinics managed by Fresenius Medical Care North America, the number of patients treated in North America was 127,172. The international segment of Fresenius served 56,581 patients, an increase of 10 percent over the prior year.

By late 2008, the company operated 2349 clinics worldwide. Of this total, 1666 clinics were in North America (1700 including the clinics that Fresenius only manages), an increase of 5 percent, and 683 clinics operated within its international division, an increase of 8 percent.

Fresenius Medical Care delivered approximately 20.7 million discrete dialysis treatments worldwide during the first nine months of 2008. This number is an increase of 5 percent over the same period in 2007. Of the total, 14.2 million treatments were delivered in North America, an increase of 4 percent. The international segment delivered 6.4 million treatments, an increase of 9 percent over last year.

The company expected to close 2008 with revenue of more than $10.4 billion, an increase of more than 7 percent over revenue in 2007.