DiaSource Opens as Small Biz Alternative

DiaSource opened virtual doors in May as a dialysis business that promises low-cost dialysis to employers who participate with DiaSource providers in its network.

The other side of the equation is that DiaSource must attract dialysis providers in an area and sign them on to participate as providers so they can serve these smaller businesses.

The employer clients are generally self-insured employers who cannot easily afford to offer dialysis treatments economically within a small employee base.

Employers access the DiaSource network of dialysis providers that have agreed to low, competitive rates. The patient’s dialysis costs are covered at 100 percent, and the employer has the benefit of low, predictable costs throughout the course of treatment, according to company literature. DiaSource also offers disease management programs, screening services and education resources for members.

DiaSource’s parent company already has experience in building national networks of ancillary care providers. American CareSource Holdings was the first national, publicly traded ancillary care network services company and its subsidiary, Ancillary Care Services offers DiaSource and other healthcare solutions for employers. ACS provides ancillary health care services through its network and offers alternatives to physician and hospital-based services. The ACS providers offer services in 30 categories including dialysis centers, laboratories, free-standing diagnostic imaging centers, infusion centers, and other health-care settings.

ACS conceived the DiaSource solution by analyzing the needs of self-insured employers and recognizing the need to fight high costs of dialysis. The company offered one example of how it is helping one patient in Texas, with annualized savings to the employer projected to exceed $250,000. ACS worked with The Plexus Groupe, an independent, privately owned national insurance brokerage firm, and its client, an employer group that contracted for a provider in the DiaSource network.

Bill Simpson, president and chief operating officer for ACS, commented, “The DiaSource suite of services has compelling value to self-insured employers to alleviate the financial burden of dialysis costs for their covered members. Likewise, the DiaSource solution appeals to reinsurance carriers and third-party administrators. And to our many participating dialysis providers, DiaSource makes sense from both financial and organizational perspectives.”

Simpson added that ACS is pleased to partner with benefit brokers as another effective method through which to deliver dialysis cost-containment strategies into the market.