Dialyze Direct Acquires Affiliated Dialysis Centers

Dialyze Direct, LLC, a leading provider of staff-assisted home hemodialysis services in skilled nursing facilities with geriatric populations, has signed an agreement to acquire Affiliated Dialysis Centers, LLC, an established dialysis provider with corporate headquarters in Glen Ellyn, IL.

An independent regional provider of dialysis services serving more than 400 patients in Illinois and Ohio, Affiliated Dialysis Centers will effectively double its current patient count under the purchase agreement with Dialyze Direct, said Dialyze Direct CEO Josh Rothenberg.

This acquisition “will propel us as a leader across the nation in staffing for hemodialysis in skilled nursing facilities,” said Alice Hellebrand, Dialyze Direct’s chief nursing officer.

The acquisition will bring Affiliated’s skilled nursing facility dialysis business the outcomes model and turnkey dialysis approach used by Dialyze Direct. Both companies also have a home-based hemodialysis component.

Hellebrand said in an interview that Dialyze Direct is benchmarked against national averages, and “we are defining the geriatric population that requires dialysis, particularly dialysis patients in skilled nursing homes.” She noted that the company has developed protocols and policies related to this specific patient population. The average patient age is above 65 years.

The ability to improve patient health, assist the skilled nursing facilities in procedural work, and help them work with payers is helping Dialyze grow into an attractive business model. “We hope to expand into 6 more states by the end of 2019, Rothenberg said.

Dialyze Direct currently has operations in Florida, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Its purchase of Affiliated Dialysis Centers is expected to be complete in December 2018.

October/November 2018 (Vol. 10, Number 10 & 11)