Middle-aged adults with prediabetes are at increased risk of developing glomerular hyperfiltration and albuminuria, reports a study in The American Journal of Kidney Diseases.

In critically ill patients with stage 2 AKI, early RRT leads to lower mortality compared with delayed RRT, reports a trial in The Journal of the American Medical Association

In individuals with or without hypertension, low urinary sodium excretion is associated with an increased risk of death and cardiovascular death, according to a controversial meta-analysis published in The Lancet

Residual kidney function (RKF) in dialysis patients can be estimated by equations based on serum measures of endogenous filtration markers, avoiding the need for prolonged timed urine collections, reports a study in Kidney International.

Even in more recent periods, HLA mismatches show a linear association with the outcomes of kidney allograft survival, concludes a study in Transplantation.

The analysis included more than 189,000 first adult, deceased-donor, kidney-only transplants performed in the US from 1987 through 2013. Number of HLA mismatches was evaluated for associated-with-kidney-allograft survival, with adjustment for recipient and donor characteristics.

Despite limitations of the current evidence base, preemptive kidney transplant programs “should be stimulated”—offering the option to consider transplantation before dialysis becomes necessary—concludes a systematic review and position statement published in Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation.

For patients undergoing heart surgery, treatment with rosuvastatin doesn’t reduce the rate of adverse outcomes, but is associated with an increased risk of postoperative acute kidney injury (AKI), according to a randomized trial in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Even in mild cases with fast recovery, acute kidney injury (AKI) developing in the hospital is a strong risk factor for chronic kidney disease (CKD) at follow-up, reports a study in The American Journal of Kidney Diseases.

Patients who receive a kidney from an HLA-incompatible live donor have better survival than those who receive a deceased-donor transplant or who remain on the waiting list, concludes a study in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Adjuvant treatment with the oral antiangiogenic drugs sorafenib and sunitinib doesn’t improve survival after complete resection of non-metastatic renal cell carcinoma (RCC), reports a placebo-controlled trial in The Lancet.