As a dialysis patient and peer coach, Caroline Wilkie knows how postdialysis fatigue and cramping can get in the way of socializing, work, or other responsibilities.

“A lot of us don’t plan things in advance because we never know how tired we’re going to be,” Wilkie said.

Urgency and innovation are frequent themes in the kidney community. The Kidney Health Initiative (KHI) holds an annual meeting to translate these themes into reality. A public-private partnership with the U.S.

The concept of glomerular filtration rate (GFR) and its regulation is central in renal physiology. Estimates of GFR are often used in the clinical setting to assess kidney health. GFR is an effective measure of kidney function (1).

Smartphones, iPads, insulin pumps, and pharmacogenomics: these are all technology developments made in the past 50 years.