World Kidney Day

Kidney Health for All

World Kidney Day kicks off on Thursday, March 12, with the theme “Kidney Health for All.” This year’s theme, on the 10th anniversary of WKD, recognizes that not everyone is equal with regard to risk for kidney disease and access to treatment.

African American, American Indian, Hispanic, Asian and Aboriginal populations are known to suffer from higher rates of diabetes and high blood pressure, which are both leading causes for CKD.

CKD is often difficult to prevent and treat in these populations owing to poor water hygiene, lack of hydration, unhealthy food and beverages, literacy levels, and lack of adequate health insurance. WKD highlights the importance of water to kidney health with the campaign, “Drink a Glass of Water and Give One Too.” Just drink a glass of water, take a picture, and share: Today I celebrate #worldkidneyday. I drink and give a #glassofwater because #Isupport wkd.

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