Passing the Torch


Six years ago ASN Kidney News did not exist. The magazine came to life in January 2009. Over the years it has grown and developed, much like a child. Despite some early stumbles and falls, it has now learned to walk and talk and live.

As with my own children, ASN Kidney News has matured and readied itself to live without me. I know our new editor-in-chief, Richard Lafayette, MD, FACP, will help it mature further; however, I will miss my baby just the same. I have learned so much from this job, and it has provided me hours of joy (and some frustration) over the past six years.

This swan song would be incomplete without expressing my thanks to a number of people. First, the editorial advisory board provided inspiration and ideas for content and features. Next, I must thank those who wrote and edited articles and feature sections. I know many of you performed these tasks at least somewhat reluctantly, but your efforts made the magazine successful. I must thank the executive editor, Dawn McCoy. She will be continuing in her role, but I will miss our calls. I must also thank Kidney News designer Lisa Cain, who conceived the magazine’s original design and continues to work wonders with each monthly issue.

Finally, I want to encourage all members of the American Society of Nephrology to get involved in its efforts. The organization does a lot for us, but it needs the input and energy of its members to get it right. Volunteer for a group or committee. Sign up for political action alerts. And always read ASN Kidney News.