New Site Extends Kidney News into Digital Space, Expanding Resources, Context

The American Society of Nephrology (ASN) has launched a new website,, that extends ASN Kidney News as a digital platform for daily updates on news, context, and resources for all stakeholders in the kidney community.

Kidney News has been tremendously successful since launching in 2008. Thanks to its broad scope, Kidney News has amassed the largest audience of any ASN publication. Building on that success, this new site uses new digital tools to expand commentary and resources with a focus on developing an interactive presence for everyone interested in and affected by kidney health issues. The thoughtful perspectives and long-form content that have made the print version so popular will continue, while the new digital platform affords the ability to develop online coverage into a diverse resource updated daily, allowing more interactivity, and enabling users to personalize the site according to their interests.

A wealth of new content

Every month, Raymond C. Harris, MD, FASN, will share his thoughts on issues important to nephrology in a new column. Other contributions will reflect the diversity and dynamics of the profession, including a series on the nephrology fellowship experience, interviews with clinicians who will share experiences “from the field,” insights from all members of the kidney care team, and podcast discussions with ASN research grant recipients.

Perspective pieces include a look at gaps in medical education curricula and how nephrology can address them, insights on the leadership qualities physicians need for career success, an up-close look at the advantages of training in smaller fellowship programs, and how priority areas in kidney health differ in various regions of the world. One of the most rapidly changing areas within the kidney community involves public policy. Kidney News Online will highlight policy issues relevant to all members of the global kidney community. Marking ASN’s 50th anniversary is a series of contributions from ASN members recalling their observations from the first ASN annual meeting they attended.

The site also contains an archive of past ASN Kidney News articles, now available by article (instead of by issue only). The site includes all content from 2014 through the current day, and will continue to build the archive so all past content from Kidney News will be easily searchable and accessible. Other resources focus on information key to nephrology professionals, making it easy to find current and relevant information on ICD-10, MACRA, telemedicine, and other priority areas.


Kidney News Online also offers users the ability to personalize their experience by providing content that matters most to individual users. While access to the site is freely available without login or registration, the site can be integrated with ASN member profiles, or profiles nonmembers set up by registering on the site, allowing users to segment and prioritize new items based on their indicated interest. Those who want to personalize their content can then log in and the displayed content will be automatically updated according to the interest areas selected. Areas of interest can be modified at any time by visiting

Serving the readers’ interests

The site includes a feedback button on every page, and every section invites readers to send in suggestions for coverage to Suggestions from readers, combined with closely tracking analytics to see what sections are popular (or not) with users, will guide ASN as it evolves the site to meet the interests of users as well as the rapidly changing worlds of medicine, science, education, and health policy.