ASN Kidney News Debuts

Welcome to ASN Kidney News, your source for information in the world of nephrology.

ASN Kidney News is a magazine. It is not a scientific journal; JASN and CJASN fill that role for the Society. The newsmagazine will cover ASN news and provide other information supporting all aspects of the work of kidney specialists, information that is important but not necessarily appropriate for a peer-reviewed journal. ASN Kidney News will also provide a venue to expound upon scientific and clinical advances, with more commentary and speculation than a scientific journal can allow.

Since taking on this endeavor, I have been asked a number of questions by colleagues in the kidney world. Here are ASN Kidney News FAQs:

How will ASN Kidney News be delivered?

The magazine will be a print publication starting in January 2009. The first year it will be mailed every other month. We plan to publish monthly beginning with the January 2010 issue.

Will ASN Kidney News be available online?

For now, a pdf of ASN Kidney News will be available online. Ultimately, a website will supplement rather than duplicate the print publication. Many of our graphics will be available for download. Links to other sources will be considered. Our site will provide a lively forum for discussion of everything kidney!

What is the relationship between ASN Kidney News and Renal Express?

Renal Express, ASN’s electronic newsletter, is undergoing some changes at this time. Its relationship to ASN Kidney News will be complementary, but has not been finalized as we go to press.

Will I still get ASN Kidney Daily?

These email updates will be unaffected by ASN Kidney News. Some stories may be expanded and updated in the magazine.

How can I contact ASN Kidney News?

Magazine staff can be reached by email at

Can I contribute to ASN Kidney News?

This magazine belongs to you, the members of the nephrology community. If you have an idea for an article or feature, please contact the magazine staff at One beautiful thing about a new publication is that we can mold it to be whatever we want!

Who are you?

I am a pediatric nephrologist at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. I have done a bit of everything during my career: patient care, bench and clinical research, education, administration, patient and research advocacy, and editorial work. In short, I’ve experienced what this magazine will cover! I also deal with kidney disease on another level: Our family cat has stage 3 chronic kidney disease (CKD), a leading cause of death in elderly felines. Who knew there were stages of CKD based on estimated glomerular filtration rate for cats!

ASN Kidney News will include some regular features, and others may be added at your request. The following will appear regularly in most issues:

Essay and Opinion: Welcome to the kidney soapbox, where controversies and issues can be addressed. Have a strong opinion? Contact us ( and we may give you an audience.

Policy Update: Government regulations affect the care of our patients, the education of our providers, and the funding of our researchers. Conventions for approval of drugs and devices can change as well. Learn about proposed and enacted policies that could alter your world.

Practice Pointers: Delivering excellent care to our patients is everyone’s goal. Sometimes a study or consensus statement will change the standard of care. Others may have developed processes that will improve your practice. Learn ways to improve kidney health care from experts driving the paradigm shifts.

Journal View: Read highlights of cutting-edge biomedical research from the journals of the ASN, as well as other publications. It is impossible for you to read everything in the medical literature, but ASN Kidney News can help you hit the highlights.

Trends in Medical Education: Not just for program directors, this section will include information about maintenance of certification. Issues in fellow education will be included, with contributions from trainees.

Industry Spotlight: Pharmaceutical companies, biomedical supply providers, dialysis units, and even insurance companies employ kidney specialists. Learn more about the issues these people face during the development and delivery of drugs, devices, and clinical care.

The six months we have worked on this inaugural issue have been fast, frightening, and fun. We think you will find this magazine a useful addition to your library. It is a work in progress, and it should be what you, the readers, want and need. Once again, please contact us at with your ideas.