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ASN Staff

An article from the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM) was recently published entitled: “Tip for data extraction in meta-analysis – What if the sensitivity or specificity is also not reported”.

Author Kathy Taylor explains “how to deal with the less common case when a sensitivity or specificity is not reported” during data extraction for diagnostic accuracy studies.

Please see the full article for the mathematical explanations and step-by-step instructions. See also the first two articles in the “Tip for data extraction in meta-analysis” series.

ASN Staff

Meta-analysis “is a group of statistical techniques that enable data from more than one study to be combined and analyzed as a new dataset”. As we are inundated with scientific studies of all kinds, meta-analysis can be a useful technique to better understand comparisons of findings from data. However, it can be a confusing technique at first glance, so the author has delved into five tips to better understand the conclusions from meta-analysis.

ASN Staff

If you find yourself asking: “what metrics should [I] think about when looking to publish [my] research in a journal, or when making recommendations to colleagues on which journal to submit work to?”, consider the article entitled Research metrics: Everything you need to know published by the Taylor & Francis Group.

The article provides a unique catalogue of useful articles for guidance and support for researchers, journal editors, and librarians as well as overarching tips for better selecting where to publish your research, how best to edit a journal, and how to guide colleagues as a librarian.