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A senior official in the Trump administration will speak on “The Future of Value-Based Care and Nephrology” in the Christopher R. Blagg, MD, Lectureship in Kidney Diseases and Public Policy on Friday, Nov. 8.

Adam Boehler

The speaker, Adam Boehler, is senior advisor to the secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), deputy administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI).

As an advisor on value-based care, Mr. Boehler is co-leading the development of the HHS-wide kidney strategy. He cites as motivation to improve kidney patients’ lives

Kevin Longino and Tod Ibrahim

Let’s start with a simple, sobering fact: an estimated 37 million Americans live with the burden of kidney disease. Worse, 90 percent of those affected by kidney disease don’t even know they have it. Approximately 700,000 Americans have kidney failure and require dialysis or a transplant to survive.

Each patient navigating the difficult path of kidney disease or kidney failure has a name and, behind every name, a story. For us at the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and the American Society of Nephrology (ASN), these are our friends, our family members, our colleagues, our patients and, in some cases, ourselves.

Distinguished Clinical Service Award Award Criteria

■ Recognizes individuals who combine the art of medicine with the skills demanded by the scientific body of knowledge in service to patients.

■ Exemplifies leadership and excellence in the practice of nephrology and whose time is spent primarily in the delivery of patient care.

■ Has initiated or been involved in volunteer programs or has provided volunteer service post-training.

Duvuru Geetha, MD, FASN

Dr. Geetha is associate professor of medicine in the division of nephrology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. She is associate director for the Johns Hopkins Vasculitis Center and does

The year 2019 has seen unprecedented developments in kidney care, research, and education for both patients and professionals. ASN and partner organizations have been at the forefront of these developments.

In July 2019, the ASN Council finalized the ASN Alliance for Kidney Health: Proposed Vision in 2030. Through several areas of focus, the ASN Alliance for Kidney Health will aim to fulfill its mission to improve care, drive innovation, educate and inform, and generate policies that result in meaningful change. Also, ASN rolled out its new brand identity, featuring a new logo signifying the patient as the center of focus,

Early Programs

ASN offers 10 Early Programs on November 5–6, preceding the Annual Meeting (November 7–10). New offerings are:

⋆ Advances in Research Conference: Machine Learning and Kidney Diseases

⋆ Diabetic Kidney Disease: Translating Pathogenic Mechanisms into Therapies

⋆ Evolving Concepts in Hypertension: Mechanisms, Management, and Future Directions

⋆ Onco-Nephrology: Cancer, Chemotherapy, and the Kidneys

Burton D. Rose, MD, Endowed Lectureship

This lectureship is named for Dr. Rose, the esteemed clinician, educator, and scientist who is internationally famous for his innovative teaching and textbooks on management of kidney diseases, and for creating and cofounding UpToDate, a leading resource for clinicians

The Belding H. Scribner Award will be tendered to Paul L. Kimmel, MD, on Sunday, Nov. 10, for his career-long contributions to the practice of nephrology. Dr. Kimmel is program manager of the Kidney Precision Medicine Project and director of the HIV Kidney Program at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) in Bethesda, Md.

Paul L. Kimmel, MD

Established in 1995, the Belding H. Scribner Award is presented to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the care of patients with kidney disorders or have substantially influenced the clinical practice of nephrology. Dr. Kimmel has

Patients with kidney disease have disordered bone and mineral metabolism, including elevated serum concentrations of fibroblast growth factor-23 (FGF23). These elevated concentrations are associated with cardiovascular and all-cause mortality, which will be the subject of the Jack W. Coburn, MD, Endowed Lectureship, on Thursday, Nov. 7.

Sharon M. Moe, MD

Sharon M. Moe, MD, will speak on “FGF23 and Risks of Cardiovascular and Noncardiovascular Diseases.” Dr. Moe is director of the division of nephrology and Stuart A. Kleit Professor of Medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine. She has been a faculty member at Indiana University since 1992 and

The discoverer of a revolutionary gene-editing technique will give a state-of-the-art lecture on “Rewriting the Code of Life: The Future of Genome Editing” at a plenary session on Thursday, Nov. 7.

Jennifer A. Doudna, PhD, is an internationally renowned professor of chemistry and molecular and cell biology at the University of California Berkeley. She and her colleagues rocked the research world in 2012 by describing a simple way of editing the DNA of any organism using an RNA-guided protein found in bacteria.

Jennifer A. Doudna, PhD

Her investigations into clustered regularly interspersed short palindromic repeats (CRISPRs) and the CRISPR-associated (Cas)

Bruce Culleton, MD, will be one of the co-presenters at a plenary session on “Perspectives on Innovation and Transformation in Kidney Care” on Saturday, Nov. 9.

Bruce Culleton, MD

Dr. Culleton is vice president and chief medical officer of CVS Kidney Care, a subsidiary of CVS Health. In that position, he provides medical oversight and guidance to all strategic initiatives for CVS Kidney Care.

In 2018, CVS Health announced a new initiative focused on CKD and dialysis, built on the company’s focus on driving innovation in the management of chronic disease to help improve patient health outcomes while managing costs.

Detective Nephron, world-renowned for his expert analytic skills, trains budding physician-detectives in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases. L. O. Henle, a budding nephrologist, presents a new case to the master consultant.

NephronWhat do you have for us today, my dear apprentice?
HenleA 70-year-old woman with acute kidney injury.
NephronMore AKI—good. It had better be a case of some exotic chemotherapy causing thrombotic microangiopathy.
HenleHmmm…you are reading too much onconephrology these days. Getting back to the case, she was in her usual state of health until a few months ago, when she received a diagnosis