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Improving Mental Health in Marginalized Communities With CKD

Historically marginalized and underserved populations with kidney diseases are vulnerable to unique challenges when it comes to mental health and kidney health. In the next few articles, we dive into these issues and the opportunities to improve care for patients in some of these communities.

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In January 2024, Anna Gaddy, MD, FASN, a nephrologist at Froedtert Hospital and Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, created quite a buzz on X (formerly Twitter) after her altruistic living kidney donation. Trending hashtags included #Hero, #Walkthewalk, and #SavingALife, and Gaddy was referred to as an angel, a superhero, incredible, and inspiring. Gaddy did not know the person who would be receiving her spare kidney, which continues to spark the conversation about the importance of living organ donation and how directed and nondirected living kidney donations save the lives of those with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and kidney failure.

Gaddy remains a substantial proponent for living kidney transplants and bringing awareness to the topic of live organ donation—something many people, even in the medical community, are not aware of. In the end, she hopes that her selfless act continues to inspire others to “walk the walk” by exploring living kidney donation.

Living with kidney diseases brings unique challenges and concerns that can profoundly affect mental health and well-being. Kidney News is grateful to Austin Lee and Jackson Goodrich, two individuals living with kidney diseases, for sharing their personal experiences of managing their mental health alongside their kidney health.