Molecular & Cellular Physiology

Making Scientific Presentations

Making great abstracts and posters, and presenting your studies so you hold your audience's interest -- some excellent resources for making your work stand out.

ASN President's Column October 2016

Physicians, scientists, and other health professionals are problem solvers. This reality is especially true in nephrology, in which complex diseases and co-existing conditions are often challenging and sometimes daunting. However, this very complexity provides so many of us lifelong career interest and opportunities, and profound satisfaction when we can provide and improve care for our patients with kidney diseases.

ASN: Supporting the Current Workforce and Building the Future

This year ASN created a Workforce and Career Advancement Department to bring together the programs that help advance the careers of current and future kidney professionals. ASN needs your input  to extend the success of these efforts.

Convergence Teams: Experts from Disparate Fields Attack Medical Challenges

Physicists, physicians, computational biologists and others share their expertise to advance care.

North Carolina Medical Society Takes the Lead Supporting Physician Health

Physicians are highly dedicated professionals performing highly stressful jobs. In this Q&A, NCMS Executive Vice President and CEO Robert W. Seligson discusses recently launched efforts to proactively address stress, burnout and suicide risk in physicians. "We are offering the NCMS as an organization willing to take on this issue."

Graduate Students and Unionization: Door is Now "Wide Open"

The National Labor Relations Board ruled that grad students who work as teaching or research assistants at private institutions can now unionize, reversing a 2004 decision. 

Building the Future: ASN Expands TREKS to Chicago

TREKS students learn why the best and brightest get hooked on renal physiology -- and then extend that summer experience with an assigned mentor back home.

Stemming the Brain Drain: EU Bank Bolsters Research in Greece

“For the first time we’ll have some regularity in research funding in Greece,” says Nektarios Tavernarakis, director of the FORTH Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (IMBB).

National Academies: Optimizing US Investment in Academic Research

This updated report from the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine addresses upcoming changes to the Common Rule governing many human research policies, and the need to streamline regulations and eliminate redundancies to enable research advances to move forward as quickly as possible.


ASN President's Column July 2016

In this month's column, ASN President Raymond C. Harris, MD, FASN discusses initiatives that are changing the practice landscape in nephrology.