Molecular & Cellular Physiology

The Patent Battle Over CRISPR

Interesting insights on the CRISPR-Cas9 patent challenges.

Let the Author Beware: Five Questions for Jeffrey Beall

Jeffrey Beall, academic librarian and Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Denver, maintains Beall's List of predatory journals, a list that unfortunately continues to grow.

US Launches Tissue Biofabrication Innovation Hub

This 87-member innovation hub will focus on state-of-the art tissue manufacturing, cell and biomaterial processing, 3-D bioprinting and testing technologies​

Resources for Authors: Writing Well, Navigating Peer Review

Set yourself and your work up for success: tell the story well, and choose the right journal.

Advancing the Kidney Health Workforce

The recently launched ASN Workforce Department administers programs focused on supporting kidney professionals, and attracting students and trainees to kidney medicine and research.

A CRISPR Platform that is More Efficient and Controllable?

Two teams of researchers in the UK have developed a new CRISPR platform.

U.S. House Passes Major Research Funding Bill

Landmark legislation focused on speeding approval of drugs and medical devices and funding signature programs passed the US Senate Wednesday, November 30.

A Fly Model of Diabetic Nephropathy

Saturday's State-of-the-Art lecture features Ross L. Cagan, PhD; read about Dr. Cagan. 8:45 am W375C-E

ASN Kidney Week 2016

ASN Kidney Week 2016: participants from more than 115 countries, coming together to advance care and research.

Nephrology Workforce Report 2016: Key Takeaways

There are several notable data points in this year’s GW report on nephrologist supply. I encourage you to read the executive summary and/or full report, and send your questions or comments to