Genetic Diseases of the Kidney

The Patent Battle Over CRISPR

Interesting insights on the CRISPR-Cas9 patent challenges.

Off Switch Found for Common Version of the CRISPR CAS-9 System

UCSF scientists are investigating how to inhibit the CRISPR-Cas9 tool to improve its accuracy.

US Launches Tissue Biofabrication Innovation Hub

This 87-member innovation hub will focus on state-of-the art tissue manufacturing, cell and biomaterial processing, 3-D bioprinting and testing technologies​

Advancing the Kidney Health Workforce

The recently launched ASN Workforce Department administers programs focused on supporting kidney professionals, and attracting students and trainees to kidney medicine and research.

Patients and Medical Staff Help UAMS Design New Clinic Building

UAMS brings patients and medical staff to the design table.: the new clinic building will have more exam rooms to reduce wait times, more private spaces for patient/family consults, and more natural light.

One Year Later: Impact of Presumed Consent Law in Wales

It's been one year since Wales launched presumed consent for organ donation; results so far are positive.

A CRISPR Platform that is More Efficient and Controllable?

Two teams of researchers in the UK have developed a new CRISPR platform.

U.S. House Passes Major Research Funding Bill

Landmark legislation focused on speeding approval of drugs and medical devices and funding signature programs passed the US Senate Wednesday, November 30.

Kidney Organoids: A Novel Tool to Study PKD

Shaping the future: kidney organoids derived from patient cells model aspects of PKD.