Leadership, Motivation and Transformational Change: What's In It for Nephrologists?

"Nephrologists must take the lead in reducing healthcare costs, improving patient experience, aligning interdependent care delivery systems and promoting patient safety.  Can we find motivational value in being thrust into this critical role?" Leslie Wong, MD

American Society of Nephrology Statement on President's Executive Order on Immigration

"Kidney diseases do not differentiate among race, religion or geographic borders."

Mind the Gap! GAO Issues Report on Kidney Disease Funding

Does the level of funding for kidney disease reflect the public health burden?

Physician Burnout On the Rise

ASN Data Science Officer Kurtis Pivert breaks down results from a recent physicians survey.

A Look at Rural Practices Moving to Value-Based Payment

Some practical advice for rural practices transitioning to value-based payments, including focusing on population health.

Recognizing Delirium, Dementia and Depression in End Stage Kidney Disease

Insights from ASN's Geriatric Nephrology Online Curriculum.

What Do Fellows Want? What Does Nephrology Need?

"Dialysis and transplantation represent extraordinary therapeutic milestones.... However, many fellows and trainees are looking for new therapies comparable to what they see taking place in other fields."



A Fine Line: Exploring Challenges in Transplant Policy

Harvard Medicine Magazine takes a close look at current transplant policy and the dead donor rule.

MIPS Benefits and Pick Your Pace Options

Nice summary of the MIPS benefits and pick-your-pace options from EMR and EHR.

KN Online MACRA resources here.

Sensors in Medication Help Pediatric Transplant Patients

Interesting story from KGW on assisting pediatric transplant patients with medication adherence.

Also of interest:

The value of the patient voice in kidney transplantation.

KHI Project: Pharmacokinetics in Patients Receiving CRRT.