Physician Presence During Patient Visits: A Physician's Perspective

Terrific column by Christine Sinsky, MD on what is lost when physicians must spend so much time interacting with a computer screen.

Cognition in CKD: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

This study found that cognitive changes occur early in CKD, and skills decline at different rates.


Let the Author Beware: Five Questions for Jeffrey Beall

Jeffrey Beall, academic librarian and Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Denver, maintains Beall's List of predatory journals, a list that unfortunately continues to grow.

Anemia in Non-Dialysis Dependent CKD Patients Characterized

According to a new study presented at Kidney Week 2016, anemia is present in more than half of Medicare patients with non-dialysis dependent CKD.

In India, a Surge of Deaths from Kidney Failure

As highlighted in this article, the proportion of deaths from kidney failure in India has been increasing.

Read the original study in Lancet: Renal Failure Deaths and Their Risk Factors in India

Also of interest:

Dysproteinemias and Glomerular Disease

Dysproteinemia or plasma cell dyscrasia (PCD): patient presentation, current and future treatments.

Vascular Disease Contributes to Cognitive Decline in Patients With Kidney Disease

Helping clinicians understand the connection between vascular disease and cognitive decline in kidney patients.

Palliative Care Use Lags Among Minority Patients with ESRD

This analysis presented at Kidney Week found significant differences between the use of palliative care by minority and white patients.

Understanding Patient Engagement Requirements for MACRA, Meaningful Use

A helpful and detailed review of patient engagement requirements related to MIPS and meaningful use.

Also of interest: KN Online's list of general resources and background information on MACRA

Australia: Too Many Doctors, Too Few -- or Both?

The Australian government is assessing undergraduate medical slots: predictions indicate an excess number of doctors in cities, and a shortage in rural areas.