What Do Fellows Want? What Does Nephrology Need?

"Dialysis and transplantation represent extraordinary therapeutic milestones.... However, many fellows and trainees are looking for new therapies comparable to what they see taking place in other fields."



A Fine Line: Exploring Challenges in Transplant Policy

Harvard Medicine Magazine takes a close look at current transplant policy and the dead donor rule.

MIPS Benefits and Pick Your Pace Options

Nice summary of the MIPS benefits and pick-your-pace options from EMR and EHR.

KN Online MACRA resources here.

Sensors in Medication Help Pediatric Transplant Patients

Interesting story from KGW on assisting pediatric transplant patients with medication adherence.

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The value of the patient voice in kidney transplantation.

KHI Project: Pharmacokinetics in Patients Receiving CRRT.

Will Value-Based Care Survive a Healthcare Overhaul?

Despite uncertainties, experts think MACRA/QPP will continue because of the focus on quality and potential cost savings.

Physician Presence During Patient Visits: A Physician's Perspective

Terrific column by Christine Sinsky, MD on what is lost when physicians must spend so much time interacting with a computer screen.

Cognition in CKD: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

This study found that cognitive changes occur early in CKD, and skills decline at different rates.


Let the Author Beware: Five Questions for Jeffrey Beall

Jeffrey Beall, academic librarian and Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Denver, maintains Beall's List of predatory journals, a list that unfortunately continues to grow.

Anemia in Non-Dialysis Dependent CKD Patients Characterized

According to a new study presented at Kidney Week 2016, anemia is present in more than half of Medicare patients with non-dialysis dependent CKD.

In India, a Surge of Deaths from Kidney Failure

As highlighted in this article, the proportion of deaths from kidney failure in India has been increasing.

Read the original study in Lancet: Renal Failure Deaths and Their Risk Factors in India

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