Bone & Mineral Metabolism

MACRA Implementation: Key Issues for Next Congress

A look ahead at what the US Congress members and staff may be looking for from MACRA implementation.

Delivering Telemedicine via...Drones?

This project developed by William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine delivers a medical kit -- and link-up to an off-site physician -- via drone.

Advancing the Kidney Health Workforce

The recently launched ASN Workforce Department administers programs focused on supporting kidney professionals, and attracting students and trainees to kidney medicine and research.

U.S. House Passes Major Research Funding Bill

Landmark legislation focused on speeding approval of drugs and medical devices and funding signature programs passed the US Senate Wednesday, November 30.

ASN Kidney Week 2016

ASN Kidney Week 2016: participants from more than 115 countries, coming together to advance care and research.

Nephrology Workforce Report 2016: Key Takeaways

There are several notable data points in this year’s GW report on nephrologist supply. I encourage you to read the executive summary and/or full report, and send your questions or comments to

What Every Small Practice Should Know About MACRA

Nice overview of advantages -- and obstacles -- small practices may face complying with MACRA.

AMA Unveils MACRA Payment Evaluator

This new tool helps physicians assess how their practices might be affected by MACRA.

ASN President's Column October 2016

Physicians, scientists, and other health professionals are problem solvers. This reality is especially true in nephrology, in which complex diseases and co-existing conditions are often challenging and sometimes daunting. However, this very complexity provides so many of us lifelong career interest and opportunities, and profound satisfaction when we can provide and improve care for our patients with kidney diseases.

Why Digital Health Won't Be Replacing My Doctor

"I believe all digital health tools that can improve the experience for patients must be deployed. They have a role, they add value, they improve the experience, and they make the healthcare seeking process more dignified. But I’d be kidding if I expect these tools today to give me the insights and clinical acumen that Dr. JK brought to bear during our consultation."