Basic Science

Franco Puleo - Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Award (2019)

Name: Franco Puleo

Institution: Trustees of Boston University, BUMC

Grant: Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Award (2019)

Project Title: Sympathetic Nervous System Regulation of the NCC in Salt Sensitive Hypertension.

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Pei-Ju Liu, MS - Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Award (2019)

Name: Pei-Ju Liu, MS

Institution: The Research Foundation for SUNY

Grant: Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Award (2019)

Project Title: The Role of Myo1e- and Clathrin-Dependent Endocytic Trafficking in Podocyte Health and Disease

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Yijiang Chen - Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Award (2019)

Name: Yijiang Chen

Institution: Case Western Reserve University

Grant: Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Award (2019)

Project Title: Computational Pathology Approach for Characterizing Kidney Biopsies and Predicting APOL1 Risk Variants


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Benjamin Bowe, MPH - Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Award (2019)

Bowe_photo_1.pngName: Benjamin Bowe, MPH

Institution: St. Louis Veterans Affair Health Care System

Grant: Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Award (2019)

Project Title: Identification of Inpatient Acute Kidney Injury Phenotypes Using Large Scale Electronic Health Records


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Q&As with KidneyCure Grant Recipients 2019

The following articles are brief Q&A sessions with KidneyCure (ASN Foundation) grant recipients. The sessions explore what research the individual is undertaking with the grant funds, their hopes for the research, career goals, and advice for others interested in applying for these grant funds.

Submission for CJASN Trainee of the Year open until Friday June 14

cjasn trainee_0.pngThe American Society of Nephrology (ASN) and The Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN) are strongly committed to the next generation of nephrologists and want to encourage junior colleagues as they begin their careers. CJASN is therefore introducing our inaugural contest among trainees for the best article submitted to the journal by a trainee as first author.

CDC investigating large cluster of peritonitis cases in peritoneal dialysis patients

To report peritonitis cases that meet these criteria, please email CDC’s Dialysis Coalition email box and Dr. Ana Cecilia Bardossy at using the subject line: “Peritonitis cases”. Include in your email your name and contact information, including phone number, and your clinic location (city and state).

National Kidney Foundation Building First-Ever Patient Registry for Chronic Kidney Disease

Announced this week, the NKF Patient Network “will create an interactive community of chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients that link patient-entered data on their health history, outcomes and preferences with clinical and laboratory data obtained from electronic health records. This unique combination of data collected will enable individualized educational resources, research, clinical care and health policy decisions to be centered on the patient.”

Travel Support for ASN Kidney Week 2019, Applications Open

ASN is now accepting applications for travel support to attend ASN Kidney Week 2019 in Washington, DC. The deadline to apply is Monday, June 24, at 2:00 p.m. EDT.

Q&A with Winners of the KidneyX Redesign Dialysis Phase 1

Kidney News Online reached out to all 15 winners of the KidneyX Redesign Dialysis Phase 1 competition to get more information on their projects.

All winners answered the following questions:

  1. Briefly summarize your project.
  2. What future goals do you have for your project after winning the KidneyX prize competition?