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Dr. Dall'Era speaks about upcoming talk on Lupus Nephritis at Winter Rheumatology Symposium

Kidney News Online (KNO) spoke with Dr. Maria Dall’Era, a professor of medicine in the Division of Rheumatology at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and director of the UCSF Lupus Clinic and the Rheumatology Clinical Research Center. She will present a talk on January 25th at the Symposium entitled “Update on Lupus Nephritis”. In the following, Dr. Dall’Era shares her thoughts.

Late-breaking Clincial Trials: Air pollution causes millions of cases of kidney disease each year


  • The estimated global burden of chronic kidney disease attributable to fine particulate matter is more than 10.7 million cases per year.

Late-breaking Clincial Trials: VA patients face disparities in kidney transplantation


  • From 2004 to 2016, VA patients had lower rates of transplantation compared with patients with Medicare or private insurance.
  • VA patients also had a higher rate of mortality on the waiting list compared with privately insured patients.

Late-breaking Clincial Trials: A history of kidney stones may contribute to certain complications during pregnancy


  • In young women, a history of kidney stones was associated with metabolic and hypertensive complications.

Late-breaking Clincial Trials: Reflux medications linked to chronic kidney disease and kidney failure


  • In an analysis of published studies, individuals who used proton pump inhibitors had a 33% increased relative risk of developing chronic kidney disease or kidney failure when compared with non-users.

Late-breaking Clincial Trials: Study finds racial differences in link between depression and early death in kidney disease patients


  • In white patients with chronic kidney disease, those with depressive symptoms had a higher risk of early death than those without depressive symptoms. This risk was much lower after accounting for use of anti-depressants, however.
  • In black patients, the presence of depressive symptoms was not linked to risk of death.

Late-breaking Clincial Trials: In hypertensive patients, greater blood pressure drops may harm the kidneys


  • In patients treated for hypertension, greater reductions in mean blood pressure were linked with reduced kidney function.

Late-breaking Clincial Trials: Non-medical factors affect racial disparities in kidney transplant wait-listing


  • In a recent analysis, African American patients were less likely to be wait-listed than White patients.  This difference was influenced by factors including age, comorbidities, socio-economic status, being on dialysis, having a living donor, transplant knowledge, and social support.

Late-breaking clinical trials at Kidney Week 2017

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Late-breaking Clincial Trials: Insomnia linked with early death and kidney dysfunction


  • Insomnia was linked with increased risks of early death, rapid kidney function decline, and kidney failure in a group of US veterans.
  • Results from the study will be presented at ASN Kidney Week 2017 October 31–November 5 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA.