Cultivating Interest in Nephrology by Engaging in Opportunities and Seeking out Mentors

  • 1 Tanima Arora, MD, MHS, is a postdoctoral associate with Clinical and Translational Research Accelerator, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, and incoming PGY-1 resident, with the Department of Pediatrics, University of Texas Health, San Antonio, TX.
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As a starry-eyed international medical student looking for opportunities to gain clinical experience in the United States, I was beyond thrilled to receive an offer from Yale School of Medicine to complete a month-long clerkship in pediatric nephrology. Did I want to pursue a career in nephrology back then as a final-year medical student? Honestly, I wasn't sure. Kidney physiology, as fascinating as it is, was also extremely daunting to me. As a medical student, I would have

a subclinical panic attack anytime I was asked to, for instance, “calculate eGFR in CKD” or explain “renal tubular acidosis” in detail.