There Is Another Way: Self-Publishing As a Form of Scientific Communication

  • 1 Tejas Desai, MD, is the founder of NOD Analytics (, a social media analytics company that serves health-care professionals and medical societies. He is also a nephrologist in the Department of Veterans Affairs, Charlotte, NC.
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All of us have studied history, but rare is the person who lives through and shapes an instrumental period of humanity's record. We are that rare person. We live in a technological revolution where innovative ideas and disruptive forces, fueled by code, the microprocessor, and a self-awareness about our intrinsic capabilities, are changing nearly every aspect of our personal and professional lives (1). Those aspects that we suspect are prejudicial, exploitative, and/or simply inefficient are being reimagined into something closer to an ideal. Here, we shall focus on one such aspect that nearly all of us can agree