Improving the Involvement of People with Kidney Disease in Cardiovascular Trials

  • 1 Meaghan Allain is a senior project associate at the Kidney Health Initiative. Zach Cahill is a marketing and communications specialist at the Kidney Health Initiative. niversity of Rochester, Rochester, New York.
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P eople with kidney disease are medically complex, and kidney disease may have an impact on the development of therapies to treat the many comorbidities affecting this population. Cardiovascular disease is a common and significant comorbidity among these patients, and individuals with kidney disease make up a sizeable proportion (30% to 60%) of patients with cardiovascular disease (1, 2). Yet, patients with kidney disease have often been excluded from cardiovascular clinical trials (14), thus limiting the evidence to guide treatment recommendations of cardiovascular disease for these patients.

The Kidney Health Initiative (KHI)