Nursing Care in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Interview with Nurse Leaders Liz McNamara and Diane Morris

  • 1 Tamara Kear, PhD, RN, CNN, FAAN, is executive director of the American Nephrology Nurses Association, Pitman, New Jersey. Glenda Payne, MS, RN, CNN, is the principal and chief compliance officer of the National Dialysis Accreditation Commission, Glen Ellyn, Illinois.
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Nurses and patient care technicians are on the front lines in the multiple short-term and long-term dialysis units that are caring for patients who may have COVID-19. Dialysis patients and staff have been hit hard by this virus, with more than 6000 patients and more than 700 staff members receiving positive test results as of April 21, 2020. More than 790 dialysis patients have died as a result of COVID-19.

Seattle was the initial locus of the virus, and the first death in the United States was that of a dialysis patient. New York City then became the “leader” in