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    Clark AV, et al.. Trends in inpatient admission comorbidity and electronic health data: Implications for resident workload intensity. J Hosp Med 2018; 13:570572.

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Creating a New Paradigm in Medical Education: The Nephrology Fellow Guidebook

  • 1 Sayna Norouzi, MD, is a nephrology fellow at the Baylor College of Medicine.
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Sayna Norouzi

Medicine has become ever more complex. We deal with ever-increasing patient workloads and convoluted medical systems (1). As a result, medical education can sometimes take a back seat in the face of these challenges. Does this sound like a familiar scenario to you? Perhaps it’s time to change the paradigm of medical education.

I am a second-year nephrology fellow with a great passion for teaching. I strongly believe that we as fellows can continue to facilitate change in the medical education paradigm. We are in house every day, working closely with residents and medical students. We